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Fast Cleanup of Production and Packaging Equipment Saves a Fortune in Costs

I learned a lot form every job I ever had. One thing I learned was the amount of time that can be wasted cleaning up. As a teenager I worked for different places that made food for the public. I worked dishwasher and pot washer jobs, and both involved janitorial duties of cleaning the kitchen. What I noticed was a lot of unnecessary mess was created in production, and that a lot of time was wasted in cleaning up. Now that I own my own business that uses controlled vacuum packaging equipment to package perishable food items, I have incorporated a lot of what I learned to save time.

There are machines out there that do packaging that can cause you a lot of downtime for cleaning between shifts or switching what you are packaging on the line. We chose machines that could easily and quickly be cleaned. (more…)

Started Work on a New Shop

Work on a New ShopIt is going take a bit of planning, but we have decided to start work on a new annex for the shop off of the High Road. I have spent a good bit of this morning getting some quotes from half a dozen CE accredited fabrication shops, because we are going to have to build some roof access ladders so that we can do one process up there. Obviously you have to be sure that you follow all of the rules. We are going to put a radio antenna up there as well. (more…)

Jobs Related to Tech Industry

I think it is time for me to undergo a career change, because I am not really very happy with my current career trajectory and I thought I would have advanced further in this company by now. Things really aren’t working out though and so I think I need to do something else. I want to find something related to the tech industry, because that is what I enjoy them most. My brother in law is a product management recruiter for some tech company and I am not even sure what the responsibilities of such a job title would entail. (more…)

Tattoo Shops Located in Irvine

I have never really been the type of person who wanted to get tattoos. That is not to say that I have been opposed to them though, because that certainly is not the case. Rather, I just had a different mindset about it. But now I think that I am going to get a tattoo, because I have a really good idea for one, and I want to look up Irvine tattoo shops that have good reputations for their work. (more…)

Looking for an Apartment I Can Afford

I got down to Georgia a few days ago and right now I have been staying at one of those extended stay hotels. They sent me down here in a big hurry, as though it was an emergency Looking for an apartment I can afford and it seems like I am going to have a little trouble finding something anywhere close to what I had been pay. I was looking at the cost of one bedroom Stockbridge apartments this morning and hoping that it was going to cost me something close to what I had been paying, but the fact is that I had been paying something really below the cost of a place down here. (more…)

Adding a Home Office to Your Apartment Search

With the rise in people working from home, it can be important when searching for a new apartment to take a home office space into consideration in a way that wasn’t done years ago. One of the many benefits of renting is that you are able to move once your current lease expires. If you find you need more space, then it is only a short time before you can move if you need to. When looking for apartments in Lewisville TX you will want to make sure you are considering seriously the amount of space you need to function on a day to day basis.

When considering what you wanted in a home, many always thought about the number of bedrooms needed to sleep, having a kitchen that worked well, and a place to eat. (more…)

Why You Should Get an SSL Certificate for Your Website

When our website was just a personal site, we did not need any real security for people visiting. Over time it became a domain for our small business. When you have customers coming to your site, you need to offer secure areas for business transactions of information or money. We were not making a fortune with our online business that was still part hobby and part business, so we needed a way to get what we needed cheap. We got cheap hosting and found an inexpensive SSL certificate. You would be surprised at what some hosting companies charge for a Secure Socket Layer.

The SSL is when you see in the address bar the https://. The “s” on the end makes the content on that page secure. (more…)

I Wanted to Have More Success

I started my own online business nearly ten years ago. I have been able to make enough money to where I did not have to go out and get a second job, but it was still a struggle. I was spending more time than I liked doing a lot of the work behind the scenes. I knew that there had to be help out there, so I decided to search one night when I was feeling frustrated. My search paid off big time for me, because that is how I found out about Alex Shelton. He is an online marketer who has made a nice living for himself. (more…)

Flying in the Face of Danger

When I was younger, I was afraid of going sky diving. There was an event where a sky diving team was giving out sky diving lessons for a reduced price, but I was too afraid to take it. Years later, I’ve gotten over my fear of sky diving and think it’s pretty cool. I wanted to sky dive more than ever, but it became to expensive to do. I thought I wouldn’t be able to sky dive until I saved up enough money in my old age, but thanks to an Ewen Chia review, I learned how to make enough money to pay for sky diving.

All I had to do was a little affiliate marketing, and I had enough funds for my first sky dive jump. (more…)

Habagat, Maring and Our Backyard Garden Now

Just this week we had one of the worst weathers of 2013. So, it’s here again. That dreaded time of the year – ‘tag ulan‘ [rainy season] or ‘tag bagyo‘ [typhoon season].

When typhoon Maring, together with habagat [southwest monsoon] hit the country just a few days ago, the devastating floods affected 15 out of 18 baranggays [similar to suburbs; communities within the city] in our town of Sta. Rosa, Laguna. In our area, flood is a mainstay for most families. There were numerous houses affected and we were almost on a panic mode because the flood was gradually rising just outside our gate.

Here’s our garden currently – taken a few days ago while it was raining:

this week garden

I was also worried that our plants might die after days of non-stop rain. I know this is not the best time to expect the best from our garden because last year we also had the same experience. I also understand that this is all part of a natural cycle or phenomenon, nonetheless.

Just like in any other country, there are good seasons as there are bad seasons. Here in the Philippines, it’s the typhoon season and the uber hot summer months that I always dread because these extreme weather conditions can cause devastation. But I know I should not be worrying about plants in our garden as there are far more serious situations and issues in the community.

I know that like some garden plants that persist any type of weather, my kababayans will persist any kind of natural calamity that’s thrown our paths. Filipinos are known for this character especially during the tough times.

Home Gardening on a Rainy Saturday

Do you have these ideas that often pop into your thoughts about sprucing up your garden?

As a DIY home gardener and still a newbie at that, I always have these ideas on how to add more plants in our backyard garden. The problem is always the small space we have out there. So I tend to stop myself before I even buy another batch of plants ‘coz I know it would only become a problem sooner or later.

Lately, I only have one solution and it is to add a garden at the front, underneath the main windows, beside the roofed garage. I’ve been doing that since late last year with dish gardens and some relocated Ti plants from the backyard garden.


from top left, going clockwise: mini fortune plants, papua, dwarf anthurium, miniature croton, pink and green fittonia plants

I’ve always resisted buying plants for several months now. But temptation to buy was so strong last weekend, so I ended up buying miniature plant varieties.

You gotta understand, sometimes, gardening can be a form of release after a long week of working and writing articles. I cannot stress enough how therapeutic it is for me to tend the garden, but it gets better when I’m planting new plants and literally getting my hands dirty. Yep, I crumble the thick garden soil with my bare hand while mixing it with compost and potting mix made of coconut coir and organic matter.

While I don’t recommend you to follow my gardening style, for me it is truly relaxing. I just make sure that I wash my hands thoroughly with soap and water.

And so, the result…

The plants on the windowsill and those that are hanging are the regular views I have while I am writing. This is another reason why I kept on gardening even though I have a semi-green (used to be brown) thumb. It’s no longer just a hobby for me, but a part of what I do to keep my work-life balance in check somehow.



It was also during this rainy weekend that I decided to replant some dracaena cuttings from an ancient mother plant. I’ve already done a couple of replanting with the first batch of cuttings and you can see those together with the Ti plants on one of the photos above. The cuttings have already grown in one of the pots, while the recent batch are still growing steadily together with the younger Ti plants.

For now, I am content with our gardens at the back and front of our house. They may not be perfect and a few older plants have perished, but both gardens are still teeming with life.

So, what have you done lately in your own garden this past weekend?

I hope you enjoy gardening despite the weather; and no matter how busy you are, do find time in tending your garden.