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Executive Overview of Performance Management Systems (2-4 hours) – This workshop is presented in a context appropriate for senior management. PMA experience is integrated into the overview material and discussion in order to provide a depth of understanding of the concepts of performance management , the underlying objectives of these concepts and the evolving thinking of similar industry organizations and the client’s customer(e.g. DOD, DOE, NASA, DOT, IRS, DOC, FAA). It focuses on specific design, implementation and operational management activities so as to provide the attendees with the tools necessary to guide implementation activities and to assure effective decision making with regard to any policy issues which arise during design and implementation of a system. The workshop places special emphasis on the benefits associated with the use of performance management tools and processes. The duration can be tailored to the specific needs of the client.

Proposal Applications (2 hours) This provides a working level knowledge of the application of performance management methods during proposal preparation. It discusses evaluation of RFPs; development of SOWs; identification of data requirements; and negotiations. A case study allows the students to identify those requirements of an RFP which are performance management related and to evaluate a negotiation package.

Planning Techniques (4 hours) This workshop provides a working level knowledge of performance management concepts and applications for: defining and structuring program work (“tasks”); assigning responsibility for defining work; planning and scheduling the defined work; budgeting the scheduled work; reconciling the work scope, schedules, and budgets; establishing the performance baselines; and authorizing commencement (and/or stoppage) of work. In the process, it discusses: the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and the Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM); roles and relationships of the levels of schedules; the budget process from the contract/project budget base to budgeting work packages on cost/control account plans; and the levels and roles of work authorization documents. Case studies are used which call for evaluating: a WBS and RAM; the traceability of levels of schedules; and the completeness of a baseline plan.

Control Techniques (4 hours) This workshop provides a working level knowledge of performance management concepts and applications for: determining status against baseline plans; reporting status against baseline plans; analyzing performance and significant variances, including development of corrective action plans; forecasting costs and schedule at completion; and controlling changes to baseline plans. The workshop describes: your company’s earned value techniques; statusing cost account plans; reports; how to prepare a Variance Analysis Report (VAR); and conditions under which the baseline may be revised. The case studies are oriented to evaluating control related documents.

Performance Analysis (4 hours)This workshop is designed for those project personnel who are responsible for reviewing and approving the analyses developed by others and/or who must do an independent assessment of the performance of others (e.g. subcontractors). This is presented at an overview level and therefore does not provide as much detail as the Performance Analysis seminar. It addresses: analysis and forecasting techniques; pitfalls and elements of variance analysis; graphical techniques; and may include an overview based on the evaluation of sample variance analyses prepared by client personnel.

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