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I Can Work Whenever I Want

Many years ago, if someone would have told me that you could have a business on the Internet and make enough money from it that you wouldn’t have to work a regular job, I would have doubted them. The idea of something like that happening seemed like nothing but a pipe dream that could only …
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Started Work on a New Shop

It is going take a bit of planning, but we have decided to start work on a new annex for the shop off of the High Road. I have spent a good bit of this morning getting some quotes from half a dozen CE accredited fabrication shops, because we are going to have to build …
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ADVANCED WORKSHOPS – DETAILS Work Authorization (2 hours) – This provides details of the work authorization process, including authorization of work at the cost/control account level and authorization of the work of individual work packages. It includes instruction on “stop work” methodology. The case studies focus on completing the development of a cost/control account authorization …