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Fast Cleanup of Production and Packaging Equipment Saves a Fortune in Costs

I learned a lot form every job I ever had. One thing I learned was the amount of time that can be wasted cleaning up. As a teenager I worked for different places that made food for the public. I worked dishwasher and pot washer jobs, and both involved janitorial duties of cleaning the kitchen. What I noticed was a lot of unnecessary mess was created in production, and that a lot of time was wasted in cleaning up. Now that I own my own business that uses controlled vacuum packaging equipment to package perishable food items, I have incorporated a lot of what I learned to save time.

There are machines out there that do packaging that can cause you a lot of downtime for cleaning between shifts or switching what you are packaging on the line. We chose machines that could easily and quickly be cleaned. We did not want machines where sanitizing solutions and rinsing water could not be sprayed liberally over everything. Some places use machines where staff have to cover parts and do a lot of disassembly and reassembly for every shift and production line change. The equipment we use is more spray-and-go. We use our spray cleaning equipment to sanitize the packaging equipment between every shift change and anytime we switch products. It is quick.

Cutting down on downtime of the packaging equipment saves us a fortune in costs. We used to have employees doing busy work while a few employees were cleaning the machines. Now everyone can be more productive during their paid working hours. The controlled vacuum packaging equipment we have is so user-friendly that one operator can manage three machines at a time. Investing in good equipment gives you long term returns that far exceed the upfront costs of getting better equipment for production and packaging of retail food products.

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