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Flying in the Face of Danger

When I was younger, I was afraid of going sky diving. There was an event where a sky diving team was giving out sky diving lessons for a reduced price, but I was too afraid to take it. Years later, I’ve gotten over my fear of sky diving and think it’s pretty cool. I wanted to sky dive more than ever, but it became to expensive to do. I thought I wouldn’t be able to sky dive until I saved up enough money in my old age, but thanks to an Ewen Chia review, I learned how to make enough money to pay for sky diving.

All I had to do was a little affiliate marketing, and I had enough funds for my first sky dive jump. Getting the money was easier than I thought. Getting into the plane was the actual hard part, because once I became ready to go in the air, my old fear of sky diving started to take over again. I thought I had gotten over it, but it was still inside me. I asked the pilot to let me take a breather for a while, because I thought I was going to throw up.

I used a technique that I learned from a book to calm myself down. I took a deep breath and counted to 3 and I regained control. I went into the plane with my head held high and watched as we flew into the sky. Once we flew high enough, the plane began circling and the instructor told me to hold onto him so we could jump together. I grabbed the instructor and strapped myself onto him. We counted to 3 and jumped right out of the plane. The wind flying past my face was a big rush and it felt like I was flying.

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