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Habagat, Maring and Our Backyard Garden Now

Just this week we had one of the worst weathers of 2013. So, it’s here again. That dreaded time of the year – ‘tag ulan‘ [rainy season] or ‘tag bagyo‘ [typhoon season].

When typhoon Maring, together with habagat [southwest monsoon] hit the country just a few days ago, the devastating floods affected 15 out of 18 baranggays [similar to suburbs; communities within the city] in our town of Sta. Rosa, Laguna. In our area, flood is a mainstay for most families. There were numerous houses affected and we were almost on a panic mode because the flood was gradually rising just outside our gate.

Here’s our garden currently – taken a few days ago while it was raining:

this week garden

I was also worried that our plants might die after days of non-stop rain. I know this is not the best time to expect the best from our garden because last year we also had the same experience. I also understand that this is all part of a natural cycle or phenomenon, nonetheless.

Just like in any other country, there are good seasons as there are bad seasons. Here in the Philippines, it’s the typhoon season and the uber hot summer months that I always dread because these extreme weather conditions can cause devastation. But I know I should not be worrying about plants in our garden as there are far more serious situations and issues in the community.

I know that like some garden plants that persist any type of weather, my kababayans will persist any kind of natural calamity that’s thrown our paths. Filipinos are known for this character especially during the tough times.

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