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Home Gardening on a Rainy Saturday

Do you have these ideas that often pop into your thoughts about sprucing up your garden?

As a DIY home gardener and still a newbie at that, I always have these ideas on how to add more plants in our backyard garden. The problem is always the small space we have out there. So I tend to stop myself before I even buy another batch of plants ‘coz I know it would only become a problem sooner or later.

Lately, I only have one solution and it is to add a garden at the front, underneath the main windows, beside the roofed garage. I’ve been doing that since late last year with dish gardens and some relocated Ti plants from the backyard garden.


from top left, going clockwise: mini fortune plants, papua, dwarf anthurium, miniature croton, pink and green fittonia plants

I’ve always resisted buying plants for several months now. But temptation to buy was so strong last weekend, so I ended up buying miniature plant varieties.

You gotta understand, sometimes, gardening can be a form of release after a long week of working and writing articles. I cannot stress enough how therapeutic it is for me to tend the garden, but it gets better when I’m planting new plants and literally getting my hands dirty. Yep, I crumble the thick garden soil with my bare hand while mixing it with compost and potting mix made of coconut coir and organic matter.

While I don’t recommend you to follow my gardening style, for me it is truly relaxing. I just make sure that I wash my hands thoroughly with soap and water.

And so, the result…

The plants on the windowsill and those that are hanging are the regular views I have while I am writing. This is another reason why I kept on gardening even though I have a semi-green (used to be brown) thumb. It’s no longer just a hobby for me, but a part of what I do to keep my work-life balance in check somehow.



It was also during this rainy weekend that I decided to replant some dracaena cuttings from an ancient mother plant. I’ve already done a couple of replanting with the first batch of cuttings and you can see those together with the Ti plants on one of the photos above. The cuttings have already grown in one of the pots, while the recent batch are still growing steadily together with the younger Ti plants.

For now, I am content with our gardens at the back and front of our house. They may not be perfect and a few older plants have perished, but both gardens are still teeming with life.

So, what have you done lately in your own garden this past weekend?

I hope you enjoy gardening despite the weather; and no matter how busy you are, do find time in tending your garden.

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