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Looking for an Apartment I Can Afford

I got down to Georgia a few days ago and right now I have been staying at one of those extended stay hotels. They sent me down here in a big hurry, as though it was an emergency Looking for an apartment I can afford and it seems like I am going to have a little trouble finding something anywhere close to what I had been pay. I was looking at the cost of one bedroom Stockbridge apartments this morning and hoping that it was going to cost me something close to what I had been paying, but the fact is that I had been paying something really below the cost of a place down here. My last place was not an apartment, but instead it was a little guesthouse. I stumbled into it and found this nice old couple who had a little horse farm. Back behind it about a quarter of a mile they had a little lake and on the lake they had a tiny little cottage.

They pretty much wanted me to stay there because they were having trouble with teens going back there and having parties. Obviously they were not cleaning up after themselves when they left and it was just too isolated for them to keep an eye on the place. So they let me stay there for something really below the market rate, so long as I kept the place up and kept the local punks from messing it up. Right now I have to find a place that is close to where I am working, because traffic is a huge problem down in the Atlanta Metro area. It is just impossible to get any place in a reasonable time down here. At this place you can not usually find a parking place as well.

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