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Our Other Garden

We now officially have two gardens – our DIY backyard garden and a windowsill garden. I truly feel it is necessary to have this ‘other garden’ because we stopped putting curtains on our front windows and we’ve removed the blinds after that. The house we live in is along national road and dust and smoke from outside usually land inside this house.

The least I can do to fill in the gap and remove the boredom of a curtain-less window is to surround it with plants. And since our backyard has had several makeovers (relocating plants, adding some more plants species, killing a few plants but not on purpose, etc.) and the space isn’t big enough, I have relocated some of the plants to the front and made sure the dish gardens are only located at the front of the house as well.

The dilemma of buying plants when I (or my mom) cannot resist is where to put the new plant/s at the backyard garden. It has become a chaotic garden when I haven’t pruned and rearranged and relocated the plants. It is constantly a work in progress. But now it looks better –>  this update will be on my next post.


I did not leave the windows behind. I’ve always wanted to use those green plastic soda bottles as plant containers because they look great. I ran out of green soda bottles, so I used clear plastic bottles and a broken blue drinking glass (the bottom part).


This is the view I see from where I work at home. It’s not much, but I really enjoy looking at these plants.



Now, let me ask you…

Have you done that ‘long-standing’ gardening project already?

It’s 2014, don’t wait another year.  =)

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