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Started Work on a New Shop

Work on a New ShopIt is going take a bit of planning, but we have decided to start work on a new annex for the shop off of the High Road. I have spent a good bit of this morning getting some quotes from half a dozen CE accredited fabrication shops, because we are going to have to build some roof access ladders so that we can do one process up there. Obviously you have to be sure that you follow all of the rules. We are going to put a radio antenna up there as well. We still use radios to communicate with a lot of the drivers out in the field, although it is only because the boss does not want to buy close to a hundred cell phones and provide them with minutes. Obviously everyone has a cell phone, but they do not necessarily want to give the boss the number so that he can call them up in the middle of the night. The new shop is going to be a big improvement over the one we have right now, because that one is at least thirty five years old and it has not been maintained very well. At least it was there when I was hired twenty one years ago and all of the old timers who were there back then said it had been there before the company even existed. The building is really drafty in the Winter and when it rains real hard you get some leaks. Obviously the roof should have been replaced a long time ago, but that would have cost more than the entire structure was worth, so that really did not make a lot of sense to the boss. We are hoping that we are going to have a much more pleasant place to work in now.

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