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Why You Should Get an SSL Certificate for Your Website

When our website was just a personal site, we did not need any real security for people visiting. Over time it became a domain for our small business. When you have customers coming to your site, you need to offer secure areas for business transactions of information or money. We were not making a fortune with our online business that was still part hobby and part business, so we needed a way to get what we needed cheap. We got cheap hosting and found an inexpensive SSL certificate. You would be surprised at what some hosting companies charge for a Secure Socket Layer.

The SSL is when you see in the address bar the https://. The “s” on the end makes the content on that page secure. Of course you need to make sure all of the elements on the page are tied to the SSL. Otherwise, the users will get an error stating that some elements of the page are not secure. It might be benign such as an image. However, it scares away customers when they see it. We wanted an inexpensive SSL certificate, but we wanted our website to be as professional as we could afford it to be.

If you have a shopping cart that is on your website, you need an SSL. Even if you outsource to a third-party provider, your shopping cart pages should all be under the SSL certificate. Anywhere that customers put in information should be secured. I would apply it to contact pages where they fill out forms too. You really cannot be too careful. Also, the first time you have a data breach that gets exposed to your customers, they are going to instantly lose confidence in your business. It is smart for companies to secure their web domains as much as possible to protect their customers.

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